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Title: From The Sun To The World
Author: Sashataakheru
Fandoms: The Chaser RPS/Electric Light Orchestra RPS
Starring: Andrew Hansen, Charles Firth, girl!Craig Reucassel, Chris Taylor, Dominic Knight, Chas Licciardello, Julian Morrow, Jeff Lynne, Kelly Groucutt, girl!Bev Bevan
Pairings: Craig/Bev, one sided Chris/Craig, vague Andrew/Jeff
Warnings: violence
Rating: FRM
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] aphephobia
Word Count: 19,946 total {part one: 7,710; part two: 6,409; part three: 6,421]
Author’s Notes: Er, this went in a weird direction, but I still think it works.
Summary: WWII AU set in Birmingham, UK in 1943. A mysterious aircraft falls to the ground near a pub in Birmingham, and the pilot inside warns of invasion. With Britain busy fighting a world war, it is hardly a warning that garners much attention. He reaches out to one man, hoping his warning be heeded in time before the world ends.

Part One: Thursday Evening, April 22, 1943
Miss Cassie Reucassel arrived at the club early, as usual, after leaving the refuge centre where she worked with her mother. It seemed like a perfectly calm night, which was either a blessing or a curse, depending on how much the Germans wanted to disrupt her routine. She was hoping nothing would happen. She had, though, gotten used to navigating through the darkened streets at night, thankful that she didn't have to travel far to get to her home. Not everyone was that lucky, and more than once people had been killed by bombing raids because they were out in the open on the streets.

Part Two: Friday Morning, April 23, 1943
Chas was trying to rev the car he’d ‘borrowed’ from a friend when Kelly joined him, slipping in beside him as if he was meant to be there. The car wasn’t that interested in starting, and Chas cursed a little and tried again.

Chas glanced over at Kelly as he wondered whether the car could be hotwired. "Julian, right?"

"Who else? Besides, you're not the only one who's a little curious about our man in there. Shall we?"

“Definitely, when this bloody car decides to start. Here, give us a hand, will you?”

Part Three: Friday Afternoon, April 23, 1943
The base at Lichfield was an overgrown old manor house, built on the site of an old fairground, that had once been owned by an American businessman. It had sat vacant for several years before MI5 acquired it just before the war. It was surrounded by high stone walls with big iron gates, and the buildings inside were closer to caricature than real. It was never set up to be a working manor, and the manor house itself was gaudy and sat somewhat uncomfortably on the land. It looked too big, or too small, or quite the wrong shape. It was never really clear just what was wrong with it, just that it didn't look right.


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