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Birthdate:Dec 27
N.B. September 2010: This is a mirror of [ profile] wolfanfics on LJ and will act as an archive. No new fiction will be posted here, though you are free to add this account if you wish to. However, I don't plan to keep any of this access-locked anymore. New fics will be posted at [community profile] 3evilmuses, so feel free to add/subscribe that comm instead if you're looking for my latest work.
- [personal profile] sashataakheru

Hai, this be [personal profile] sashataakheru's fic journal. :D

Finally, after ~4 years, I'm getting around to reorganising this journal. XD So, er, I'll update this again when I'm done. It'll have a much better TOC. I promise. And the tagging will be totally kickarse. :D

Fandoms I'm currently writing for:
- The Chaser (flocked, except fic written for [ profile] citrus_taste - see below)
- Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)/The Move
- Australian Politics
- No Doubt
- Australian Comedy

Community Pimpage
Founder and maintainer of [ profile] chaserslash - though I have not considered whether I wish to mirror that comm over here too. I'm not sure if there's sufficient interest in a dying fandom anyway. :/

Co-mod of [ profile] lwfanfic

My writing journal over at dreamwidth is [community profile] 3evilmuses. :D Contains more of the obscure stuff, such as ELO, The Move and AusPolitics fic. Some of it is over here, but not all.

Disclaimer: None of this shit is true. :D

Fic Challenges

Comm: [ profile] 50kinkyways
Claims: Adam Hills; Julian Morrow
Status: In progress (Adam Hills - 26/50 || Julian Morrow - 9/50)
Tables: Adam Hills | Julian Morrow

Comm: [ profile] smut_69
Claim: Chris Taylor/Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel
Status: In progress (39/69)
Table: Chris Taylor/Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel

Comm: [ profile] wtf27
Claim: The Chaser
Status: COMPLETE (20/27 due to rare fandom status)
Table: The Chaser

Comm: [ profile] citrus_taste (multi-fandom)
Claim: kink-tastic table
Status: In progress (12/50)
Table: Multi-fandom kinky love
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