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This is mainly so I have a record of the profile stuff from my NaNo LJ. Feel free to ignore this. >_>

Current Finished Works:
The Glass House
Fanfiction: AusComedy RPS
Progress: 131k/Complete
Summary: Set 20 years into the future, Australia has slowly descended into fascism. The Government rules the people with an iron fist, and the winged humans, created by The Government in a past incarnation, has become the newest threat to national security. Not even recognised as human by the State, the winged humans decide it’s time to fight back after one of their leaders is captured by the Army and made an example of, heralding in a new era of tightened security, aggressive oppression, and the all-pervasive Armed Forces ruthlessly hunting down anything with wings, whether they can fly or not. The plot is set. Overthrow this vicious Government and end twenty years of tyranny. The axe falls on November 29th, but can a small army of winged humans overthrow the might of a Government prepared to do anything to remain in power?
Characters: 85% of the Australian comedy industry, plus a bunch of OCs.
Completed Fic on AO3

Current Major WIPs:
Venus Victrix
For: NaNo08
Original Fiction
Progress: 4816 words
Summary: Set in Sydney, the Government has banned Love and executes anyone found to be in Love and names them Amantes. But they hadn't counted on Venus, ancient Goddess of Love, to interfere with their plans and enlists the help of her chosen few to bring Love back to the country.
Characters: Rikkel, Francis Xavier, Damon, Gavin, Chloe, Lia, and Mario. For starters.

Wild West Heroes
Original Fiction
Progress: 57,294 words
Summary: Flamboyantly gay political thriller with space cowboys. Set in Sydney/Melbourne, Western Australia and Darwin.
From Sydney: Rogue, Puppy, Rasa, Alisha, Xavier&Azarius the twins, and a bunch of others.
From the Wild West: Starlight, Centaurus, Julian, Sebastian, Henry, Tyler, Rampamt (estranged cousin of Rogue's), and a bunch of others.

The Infanta
Fanfiction: AusComedy/AusPolitics RPS
Progress: 7,845 words
Summary: Inspired by the song of the sane name by The Decemberists, it tells the story of Spanish Royals and an abandoned baby and the quest to regain honour and respect. Or something like that. XD
Characters (sans titles et al and in order of rank downwards):
Spanish Royals: King Vera Maria de Pilar de Borbón and Queen Tania; The Príncipe Rafael and Princesa Kiyane; Infante Javier de Borbón; Infanta Isabel de Borbón; Infante Carlos Juan de Borbón (Carlos II).
Extended Family: Infante Carlos Enrique y de Borbón (Carlos I), Gran Duque de Frías (King's brother) and Gran Duquesa Andres de Frías; Infante Domingo Maria Cavallero de Borbón, Gran Duque de Calabria (is also apparently the King's brother. XD)
Spanish Nobles: Duque Adán Alvarez de Castillo and Duquesa Diego Cortes Hernandez, Catalina Alvarez Cortes (plus two unnamed younger sisters); Barón Guilermo Torres Salazar and Baronesa Pablo Pena Vaques;
Foreign Royals: King and Queen of Morocco; Princess Amina (Kiyane's younger sister); Prince Elán François Castel, 1st Duc de Rivoli, 1st Prince d'Essling (French).
Staff at the Spanish Court: Maria de Luz Pinar Corres (runs the palace); Juliano Dominguez de Garcia (primary nursemaid).

And if you can work out who's who amongst the OCs, you get a basket of e-cookies. Though some are more obvious than others. XD

Fanfiction: AusComedy RPS/Electric Light Orchestra RPS/other assorted RPS fandoms
Progress: ~60k or so. IDEK how close to being finished it is. D:
Summary: A magical fairy takes Andrew back to the 70s where he belongs to be the rock star he was always meant to be.
Characters: Andrew Hansen, Chas Licciardello, Craig Reucassel, Julian Morrow, Charles Firth, Dominic Knight, Chris Taylor, Cameron Bruce, Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan, David Bowie, The Beatles, etc.

The Muses:
These are the three bastards responsible for my writing. So if you don't like it, blame them. :P


Likes challenging me to see how badly I can break him and have him still recover his sanity. Is annoyed I'm not a musician. Angsty. Seems to like deathfic. Probably emo.


Alpha male. Snarky. Vain. Arrogant. Self-absorbed. Edits my work on the run. Barges into fic he's not supposed to be in. Takes over my brain. Is always barefoot, for some strange reason. Always has wings because he thinks they enhance his sex appeal.


Very polite and never demands anything, apart from exclusive rights to Andrew. Can be a bit of a sissy. Doesn't readily admit his penchant for dresses and being a submissive little shit. Looks after Andrew.


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