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Because it's quite possibly the most complicated set of relationships ever, with the same amount of complicated gender fuckage to boot, have some cheat notes so I don't have to have hundreds of Author's Notes when I post it. :P

Hopefully, writing it all out will help clarify it all in my mind as well as yours. Also, I should change the title to The Infante because the child is a boy, but I can't be fucked. Maybe I will when the damn thing's finished.

And I'm doing this for this fic in particular because the others are far more self-explanatory. This one requires cheat notes.

The Cast )

The World )

The Plot Summary )

So yeah. Fun. Imma go sleep soon. XD
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(xposted from [livejournal.com profile] sashataakheru.)

Still working on them, but here they are so far.

Francis Xavier: tiny cute 18 year old gay uni student. Xavier isn't his last name, but he likes it better. Likes raves and long scarves.

Chloe Mildura: tall 20-something graphics artist, freelance cartoonist and amateur burlesque performer. Changes her hair to match her mood.

Damon Kenthurst: 25 year old metal head, drummer and martial artist. Not entirely sure what he does, apart from bash on his drums, drink and polish his precious katana. Bit of a lazy rebel.

They're all characters that have come into being in the last year or two, and they spent all day badgering me into writing them and developing them properly.

As for the plot, I adopted it from one aMUTINOUSmind posted in the Adopt a Plot thread on the NaNo boards and have had fun tweaking it for my own purposes.
Cut for length )

...It needs more work, I know this. But it's more than I had yesterday. XD

And don't get me started on titles. I haven't even thought that far ahead yet. XD
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x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] sashataakheru

Rainbow Nation being my latest obsession, and it's original fic, for once. :P

I described it on the WriYe boards as 'a strange semi-dystopian, gayer-than-Mardi Gras political harbinger of DOOM! type of thing'. Go figure. :P

Cut for images and my rambling )

On the plus side, I've spent the day surfing around here -- my Gods is it fascinating! Members aren't allowed to hand out apples to other Members in the House, apparently XD -- reading as much as I can so I can make my own Parliament. I intend on naming all 150 Members and 76 Senators, just because I love a challenge. XD I spent the day sorting out a spreadsheet and colouring in the boxes and sorting out which parties are in there and how many members they have in both the House and the Senate, and all that shit.

...I'm a little crazy, I know. But I kinda like it like that. :P
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Because I haven't posted anything in here for ages and I figure you all think I've forgotten this. :P

Nah, it's more I'm bored and well, I've been collecting these so now I'm inflicting them here. Might do the same for the three word story things I've written as well.

There are 8 pages of this, so we'll see how much of it we can get in one entry. Some of them are set in this fic's AU, some are in the real world, some are just random ie they turn up from wherever.

Although I think I got it figured out why Craig in particular likes arguing with me. On the last First Tuesday Book Club, the one Craig was on, he was talking about Jonestown and how much he enjoyed it, and how Chris Masters was seemingly arguing with his subject and how he really liked that and I was like, so that's why you like arguing with me, bitch! XD *is a sad, sad fangirl* Because that was like, less than a month ago and he's been arguing with me for ages. So it's not like I saw that and I thought that was a good idea. We were arguing long before that was shown. So there. :P

Warning: Very long!

Characterisation Thread replies... )

New boy!

Nov. 30th, 2006 02:19 am
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My Gods! The original characters are coming out of nowhere! *mock-faints*

Meet Craig's new fucktoy... )

ETA: Changed the pic. This one's better.
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Woo! I have female characters! At last!

Not that I minded an all-male cast, but still, I was missing the females, I was. And I didn't want to include them without reason. They'd have to have a purpose for being there. Yeah, yeah, picky I know. :P Bite me.

But yes, I now have a couple of geneticists named Antoinette and Rachel. So yay! :D They's gonna help the boys overthrow the Government. More geeks to add to my collection! Whee!


So yay. :D

Some sort of picture to come of the two lovely ladies.

ETA: Pics done. Under the cut.

Ooh, female characters! XD )
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Right, well, in filling out on eof those character sheets about Seb, I've learnt he's not human. Fun. Apparently, he's some sort of kami [Shinto God] who was sent into a human body for some crime I'm not aware of yet.

The kami in the shield in the shrine is a kami sent to watch over him, I think. To make sure he behaves himself. Or something like that. She's pretty too, actually. Reminds me of a combination of Amaterasu and Aset/Isis. Sort of. XD

I think this is why I've never seen a family around him, just Seb, alone. Also why the house Adam visited seemed like Seb had only ever lived there. He built it. I don't know how long he was living as a human before he met Adam though. I don't know how old he is either. Damn mysterious characters developing personalities without me asking them to.

This might also explain why he seems so big for a supposedly Japanese man. Seriously, he's made it clear he's taller than Jules, and that's not a normal Japanese size at all. That's over 6 foot. How much over 6 foot I don't know, but he's a big guy at any rate. Big and muscular and smexy strong. With pretty long black hair and gorgeous green eyes and even gorgeous-er wings. Did I mention I'm crushing on him at the moment?

I'll post the profile thingie when I'm done with it. He's determined to be a big part of my story now. Stubborn little thing. He's very pretty though.

But he can't make toast. That was a surprise revelation. Part of his attachment to Adam I think is that Adam teaches him how to be human. So they teach each other, in a way.

Aww, now I want to include a cute little flashback to Seb making breakfast for Adam but burning the toast and Adam being all cute about it and showing him how to make it. Aww. I have to find a way to include that. Totally. XD Big brave warrior that can't make toast. *giggles* That's so cute. He loves toast and gets frustrated that he can't make it. Aww. Poor thing. XD

Um, yeah. I think this is definitely Adam's story now, what with Seb being so persistent. Unless I focus it on the few he was close to when he was alive (I think that includes Adam, Wil, Tim and Craig, and maybe one other). That might make it not so narrow-foussed. Hmm.

*wanders off to write some more*
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He's a very hard guy to pin down, is Seb. Since I didn't actually describe what he looked like in much detail, I thought I'd better make some sort of image of him.

OK, so I found several. it was hard to pin down one image that was Seb through and through.

What I know about Seb is that he's older than Adam, though how much older I don't know, Japanese, and knows some sort of Japanese martial arts, maybe more than one. Wise yet rebellious. Knows when to fight and when to speak. I don't know when he or his family arrived in Australia though. Long enough to build a house and a small Shinto shrine though. Perhaps he's the only one of his family here, and that's why he had the shield for the shrine. Apart from that, that's about all I know about him.

I swear I never expected him to becoem a character in his own right. He was only going to be mentioned, but he's developed a personality and history post-mortem.

Because I care about you, pics are under the cut. :) There's six, I made the last two. Oh, shush, I have not been obsessing over this doll maker here

Seb pictures under the cut )


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