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Mostly written for my own amusement creative writing unit this semester, this is a first person version of this charming little piece. I, uh, changed some of the dialogue somewhat, if only to avoid repetition, though I kept the ending because, well, I liked it better and didn't think I could perfect it further.

Not sure if I'll keep this or not. Might just revise the third person version to reflect this one. I like the flow of dialogue better. It sounds more natural. Or something. XD

Scary city is scary. D: )
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All written for the dailyprompt comm.

Some crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] chaserslash. CBF posting to [livejournal.com profile] wolfanfics. *is lazy*

May 15th – “the middle of the night”
The Chaser – Craig/Andrew
Creativity hits at the strangest moments... )

May 21 – “Caught in the act”
The Chaser: Chas/Julian
Handcuff pr0n. Sort of )

May 26th 2009 – Hiding in plain sight
The Move/ELO – Jeff Lynne/Bev Bevan
Twice Bitten, Once Shy )

May 28th 2009 - "Do you remember / How you were gonna stay free? / But they had plans for you / And things to do"
The Chaser (RPS) – Chris Taylor (uni-era)
Chris always felt like a disappointment )

May 29th 2009 – “Singing in the rain”
The Chaser – Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel
Rain, musicals and Andrew )

May 30th 2009 – ‘breakfast in bed’
The Chaser – Dom/Chas
There are upsides to swine flu, relatively speaking )

June 1st 2009 – ‘death and glory’
AusPolitics - Rudd/Hockey
Hockey being melodramatic )

June 2nd 2009 - "Run quick, they're behind us / Didn't think we'd ever make it / This close to safety in one piece"
Original Fiction: The Gay Parade
I don't know what this is, but it looks promising, y/y? )

June 3rd 2009 – “Computer issues”
The Chaser – Andrew/Charles
Charles/Andrew computer love. )

June 4th 2009 – “lost in translation”
The Chaser - Wrong Way, Go Back
Angry!Sasha is angry and needed to vent )
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Y halo thar, random scene that appeared in my head just then. Written for the prompt 'culture shock', which should become obvious when read. XD

Anyway. Yes. Hai, have some fiction. :P

The Adventures Of Starlight And Centaurus In A Big Scary City, Oh Noes! )
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Was gonna post these to my fic journal, but really, they're not all fanfic, so I thought they'd fit here better.

Anyway. Random drabbles written for a comm on dreamwidth named dailyprompt. Have had fun writing these. Mostly Chaser drabbles, but there are a couple of Centaurus/Starlight ones, from Rainbow Nation/Wild West Heroes, as well. Just because.

I have other things to update in here, but I'm dead tired and have too much work to do so I won't bother tonight. Big me once semester's over and I'll update all my serials/fics and other fiction. It'll be epic, I promise.

Nightmares - Andrew/Charles )

Argument for no reason - Andrew/Craig )

Moonlight - Starlight/Centaurus )

Waking Up - uni!era Andrew/Charles )

Starving - Andrew/Charles )

suppose I never ever met you / suppose we never fell in love - Starlight/Centaurus )

tired - Bajo/Bindi/Junglist )

the middle of the night - Craig/Andrew )
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Reposted from mah writing comm over at Dreamwidth. Posted here because, well, it fitted better here than my LJ fic journal and you guys know what I'm talking about. Feel speschul, people. :P

I know it's been months, but uni took over my life and my PC got sick and I shall endeavour to fix it and work on some more Glass House over semester break.

And post those Glitter planning notes I was writing before to illustrate how annoying that fic is. Will get to that at some point. Once I've cleared all my assignments. :P

Drabbles written for dailyprompt@dreamwidth.
General warnings: bit of language and boykissing.
Rating: FRT
Fandom/s: The Chaser
Other: Original fiction (Wild West Heroes/Rainbow Nation)

May 1st – “Argument for no reason”
The Chaser – random Craig/Andrew
Who'd have thought getting dressed for the show would be this diffifcult? )

May 2nd - “Moonlight”
Wild West Heroes/Rainbow Nation Fic – Starlight/Centaurus (original fic)
Pensive Starlight is pensive )

May 3rd – “Waking Up”
The Chaser – uni!era Charles/Andrew (circa 1996)
Morning light isn't usually cruel, but sometimes Andrew wishes it would go away... )

May 4th – “Starving”
The Chaser – Andrew Hansen/Charles Firth
Andrew runs in slow motion, desperate to hold him again after so long apart... )

May 5th - "suppose I never ever met you / suppose we never fell in love"
Wild West Heroes/Rainbow Nation Fic: Starlight/Centaurus (original fic)
Centaurus, Starlight and the stars above... )

May 6th - 'tired'
Good Game - Bajo/Bindi/Junglist
Late night zombie gaming FTW. Or something. XD )


Oct. 18th, 2008 09:56 pm
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NaNo is going shit. I'm not gelling with the idea as much as I thought I was and I'm considering scrapping it to find something else. Keep the same characters, but find a different plot for them. It's just not working right now. Which is shit, because it is a good idea, but it's just not working.

I had been afraid of this, as the original idea wasn't mine. I haven't quite been able to make the idea my own, which might be part of the reason I'm not that attached to it. Which sucks.

Actually, I lie. The backstory for Damon is really rather interesting, and something I want to write, but the world surrounding that just isn't quite working properly. And the whole thing would turn all supernatural instead of purely dystopic. I fear Chloe and her mates may be left by the wayside. I can't think of a plausible way to involve them. But Damon, Rikkel and Francis Xavier are all there. They're looking good, and I can find a decent plot for them.

Cos they're not telling me they live in a dystopic world. Near-future, sure, but not dystopic or completely totalitarian. Rikkel's band is also annoying me. And Rikkel's gone all glam rocker on me, which I'm not sure was originally part of his character (since I adopted him).

And the title, Venus Victrix, is still sticking, and Venus will (probably) appear, but I just need a fucking reason for it. They're trying to restore love, or something, so it still ties in with the original plot, but the surrounding society just isn't emerging. You don't know how frustrating this is.

I suppose if all else fails, I'll start with Damon's story and go from there, just to see what happens. I always liked him as a character and his story is very interesting. So maybe we'll go with that and develop his back story and just start there and see where we end up.

...I think I've just talked my way out of my dilemma. Awesome. XD

So, er, witness my angst and cheer me on! :D

And all this frees me to work on that Double the Fist epic I started totally guilt-free. >:D
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(xposted from [livejournal.com profile] sashataakheru.)

Still working on them, but here they are so far.

Francis Xavier: tiny cute 18 year old gay uni student. Xavier isn't his last name, but he likes it better. Likes raves and long scarves.

Chloe Mildura: tall 20-something graphics artist, freelance cartoonist and amateur burlesque performer. Changes her hair to match her mood.

Damon Kenthurst: 25 year old metal head, drummer and martial artist. Not entirely sure what he does, apart from bash on his drums, drink and polish his precious katana. Bit of a lazy rebel.

They're all characters that have come into being in the last year or two, and they spent all day badgering me into writing them and developing them properly.

As for the plot, I adopted it from one aMUTINOUSmind posted in the Adopt a Plot thread on the NaNo boards and have had fun tweaking it for my own purposes.
Cut for length )

...It needs more work, I know this. But it's more than I had yesterday. XD

And don't get me started on titles. I haven't even thought that far ahead yet. XD
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x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] sashataakheru

Rainbow Nation being my latest obsession, and it's original fic, for once. :P

I described it on the WriYe boards as 'a strange semi-dystopian, gayer-than-Mardi Gras political harbinger of DOOM! type of thing'. Go figure. :P

Cut for images and my rambling )

On the plus side, I've spent the day surfing around here -- my Gods is it fascinating! Members aren't allowed to hand out apples to other Members in the House, apparently XD -- reading as much as I can so I can make my own Parliament. I intend on naming all 150 Members and 76 Senators, just because I love a challenge. XD I spent the day sorting out a spreadsheet and colouring in the boxes and sorting out which parties are in there and how many members they have in both the House and the Senate, and all that shit.

...I'm a little crazy, I know. But I kinda like it like that. :P


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