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Title: Wanted
Fandom: Electric Light Orchestra
Rating: Gen
Prompt: Historical: Western for [livejournal.com profile] au_bingo (my card)
Dimensions: 1280x800
Artist's Notes: So apparently this might turn out to be my NaNo fic this year, y/y? Because clearly this is just crying out for fic now that I've made the bloody thing. XD

It's wallpaper sized, of course I'm going to cut it )

- Based on How to Make an old Western Wanted Poster in Photoshop tutorial, with a few tweaks to make it look better.
- ELO band images from hi-res scans I made this afternoon. Poster from Out of the Blue double LP. Because I couldn't find them all online.
- Font is Bleeding Cowboys.

- tileable wood texture by ftIsis
- old paper background (that I can't find a credit/creator for - if anyone knows who made this, could you let me know?)

- Creases and folds brush set by swineandroses
- hi-res marks and scratches brush set by photoshopessentials.com
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I can't believe I managed to get through all that and not post about the flags. About time I remedied that. Cos I had that spiffy banner everywhere and somehow, I forgot to talk about said flag. XD

I is clever, I swear.

I came up with two flags, one for my new tyrannical Australian Fascist state, and I finally made one for my rebels. I haven't been able to think of a decent name for them that doesn't sound stupid though. Ah well. They'll get a name at some point, I'm sure.

Anyway, onto the flags... )

I have far too much time on my hands, don't I?

Also, I've begun formalising said novel into a proper one, so I've taken out the random scenes and put them into a separate document, and I've got chapters now. :D Sixteen of them so far. And a table of contents. :D It has structure now! I want to start editing, but it's not finished, and I feel it'd be pointless to bother until I've finished, so I might just leave it, even if I desperately want to change the first part. Hmm. Must stop making graphics and actually write something. That might help. XD


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