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Title: A Letter
Author: Sashataakheru
Fandom: The Chaser RPS
Starring: Charles Firth
Word Count: 765
Prompt: Alternate History: Major Historical Event Changed for [livejournal.com profile] au_bingo (my card)
Contains: war themes, depression, brief talk of suicide and violence
Rating: FRM
Disclaimer: Not true in any way, shape or form.
Author’s Notes/Summary: Sequel, of sorts, to From The Sun To The World, a WWII AU where Edward VIII did not abdicate, Tiem Lord!Jeff Lynne crashed his spaceship into the Earth, and Britain kinda got invaded by both Germans and aliens. (Read it if you haven't already, it's awesome. :P) It's the same 'verse at any rate. Charles, still trapped in London, puts pen to paper while he still can. Set two weeks after the end of From The Sun To The World.

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Title: Hanging On
Author: sashataakheru
Fandom: The Chaser RPS
Starring: Charles Firth, Andrew Hansen
Pairings: Charles/Andrew
Word Count: 721
Warnings: dark themes, almost-death!fic, angst, implied attempted suicide and drug use.
Rating: FRM
Disclaimer: I don’t know them, not associated with them, just a slashy fangirl admirer with a very active imagination.
Author's Notes: Inspired by this: “Charles and Andrew's love life is similarly dismal.” -- from here. Aww, accidental slash FTW! XD
Author's Notes II: Why, yes, I am going through a Charles/Andrew obsession right now. Whatever gave you that idea? :P
Summary: Charles/Andrew uni-era fic (circa 1996). Andrew's dying and struggles to hang on for the one man he loves the most. Andrew's POV.

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Title: The Glass House
Author: Sashataakheru
Beta: The wonderful [personal profile] rana_narsilion <3
Fandom: The Chaser/AusComedy RPS
Starring: Adam Hills, Sepulchre (OC), Wil Anderson, Hamish Blake, Craig Reucassel, Tim Minchin, Julian Morrow, Chas Licciardello, Charles Firth, Chris Taylor, Andrew Hansen, Caleb (OC), Dr Rachel Hardy (OC), Antoinette Laurent (OC), Dr Samantha Reddings (OC), Dominic Knight, Shane Cubis, Gregor Stronach, Tim Brunero, Andy Lee
Pairings: Andrew/Chris; Adam/Hamish; Jules/Chas; Rachel/Antoinette(/Samantha); Adam/Seb; Adam/Wil; Craig/Caleb; Adam/Wil/Tim; Andrew/Craig, Wil/Chas; implied Tim/Craig, Hamish/Andy (after a fashion. XD)
Word Count: 3,959
Chapter: 15/32 [Previous]
Warnings: language, rough sex (with what could be considered dubious consent), predatory!Craig, angst, mentions of torture
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: I don’t know them, not associated with them, just a slashy fangirl admirer with a very active imagination.
Author’s Notes: FYI, fullwing = winged human capable of flight. Halfwing = fullwing/human halfbreed, usually unable to fly, sometimes have vestigial wings, but can be removed to pass as human and not as winged.
Author's Notes II: Yes, the second half has been reorganised and has four more chapters now. THIS IS WHAT HAVING NO INTERNET FOR THREE DAYS WILL MAKE ME DO. XD
Summary: Devoid of Caleb and angry at Julian, Craig runs into Andrew and drags him off for sex. Afterwards, Andrew begins to break down Craig's barriers to discover the cause of his angst.

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Title: Wounded Dogs
Author: Sashataakheru
Fandom: AusPolitics (ie RPF)
Starring: Kevin Rudd (ALP), Joe Hockey (LIB), Tony Abbott (LIB), John Howard (LIB), Peter Costello (LIB) even gets a mention
Pairings: implied past Kevin/Joe
Prompt: #9 – Always wondered what this'd be like
Word Count: 637
Rating: FRM - swearing
Disclaimer: I don’t know them, not associated with them, just a political junkie and slasher who watches Question Time obsessively.
Table: Right here
Author's Notes: ALP = Australian Labor Party, traditionally left-wing party. LIB = Liberal Party, conservative right-wing party. Also, I wasn't intentionally trying to include the prompt verbatim in here, that's just how it wrote itself.
Summary: Post-2007 Election fallout angst. Hockey's POV.
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