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Because apparently I fail at updating this journal. XD

Also, the last few days have been sort of scant on the writing front, so there hasn't been much to post, since I didn't want to post incomplete scenes, so now that I actually have completed scenes, I shall post them for you. :D


Though I am sure the story needs probably 60-75K to be finished properly. And then it'll need a damn good edit. XD

First scene: Set before this bit from chapter seven I posted on day 16. (Because I fail at writing in order. XD)
I wanna cut ur flist )

And now, Chapter Eight! :D
Long cut is long )

ANYWAY. THAT WAS A LOT TO POST. XD And I'm not quite sure that last scene is properly finished, but it's finished enough to post.

So yes. Not bad for a rough draft. :D
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Current mood: Tired
Current music: The Whale - ELO
Progress: Rewrote the second scene from day 12; added moar scenes to chapter seven. :D Also, watched too many Wizzard videos on youtube. XD Lead singer = Roy Wood = Ulysses, who was supposed to be an original character, but now apparently isn't. Fail. XD
Word Count: 33,924/50,000
Characters: generally behaving, though Craig is sulking about his female body. I'm not letting him wear pretty clothes, thus he is sulking. XD

Anyway. It's very late and I should go to bed. So here, one rewritten scene from day 12, and one scene from chapter 7 that continues on from yesterday's writingz. :D

Cut the first - rewrite of day 12 )

Chapter seven con't )

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Current word count: 30,823/50,000 :D
Chapters: 7/?
Current mood: shit tired but happy
Characters: Craig is sulking somewhat. Andrew is trying to pretend he doesn't like Craig.
Progress: Well, not much. Some of the items mentioned in today's excerpt will (I hope) come in handy later on. So keep an eye out for them.
Remarks: I'm kinda out of things to say here. And it's also time I was in bed. So there.

So yes. Today's effort. Just one scene (and I keep spotting typos. XD) It's only a draft, it'll need an edit, etc. You know the drill.

Why, yes, it's a cut. )

So yes. Not sure what kind of progress it is, but it'll do. :D
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Current mood: Sore from housework. XP
Current music: Black Bugs - Regurgitator
Progress: Well. Hmm. I am not sure if Craig is pleased with current developments. :/
Word Count: 28,777/50,000

Managed 3k today. :D One scene, mostly, that was supposed to involve Andrew discovering what, exactly, his grandfather had hidden away in his room and, well, it turned into this...
Read on, if you wish... (and yes, I know these are getting less inventive over time. I know, alright? XD) )

So, er, yes. I am not sure how this will end. We'll see. D:
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Current mood: Peachy, but tired
Current music: Daft Punk - Night Vision
Current Word Count: 25,777/50,000 :D
Progress: Much Andrew/Charles squishiness, and bratty thief Craig is threatening to crack under the pressure of kindness. Also, making Charles a knight with tenuous links to the Royal Family was as poncy as I was willing to let him get. He is, after all, the eldest son of a baronet, and not a Duke or a Prince. Also, he had to have an order to belong to as I wouldn't let him be a Knight Bachelor. XD
Chapters: 6/?
Current music: ELO - Letter From Spain
Time: 1:38am
Other comments: I fear I have spent rather a lot of time tonight looking at the peerage system and castles and manor houses. I am filling my brain with further tracts of useless knowledge. :D

We is up to chapter six tonight. Not sure how many chapters we'll have by the end of it, but yes. I have provision for 15 at present, with averages of between 4.2-5k per chapter. With the one exception of the 600 odd words of prologue. :P

Anyway. Two scenes for you. I am, still, sort of trying to entice the Craig/Andrew to emerge. Andrew is, of course, notoriously clingy when it comes to Charles, so this may be difficult. But I shall persist anyway.

I'm a cut, I )

At least I have an excuse to get Craig to go nick stuff from the Earl's estate now. Charles can send him over as a dare/revenge/petty one-up-manship, and lo, finally, Chris might turn up, being one of the Earl's younger brothers. I have half a mind to let Craig mess with Chris, just for the lulz. But we'll see.
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Current mood: fucking tired. Also, pissed off at my internet. Again. -_-

It's been a stupidly unproductive day. I did manage to make 23k today though, so I'm happy about that. Really all I managed to do was add a little more to the last scene I was working on yesterday. It badly needs some more work done on it though. Needs moar description, and I'm not totally happy with the dialogue flow. Still working on voicing some of the accents as well. Not trying to write all my accents out, it's more... sometimes it just doesn't work to write it out properly, and I tend to restrict it to dialogue. Which is why I'm not so happy with the dialogue in this part. It's not just the inconsistent accents (still working on them), also the flow is... not quite what I was after. There's something lacking in here, some action or something, and I think I need to take another look at it when I'm not dead tired and fix it. But that's a job for another day.

So, in lieu of not having anything else to post, here's what I managed to add to it. It's not even finished, but I'm too tired to do any more work on it so bug me tomorrow.

Yeah, it's a cut, okay? )

IDEK. I had a slightly different idea for them getting in there, but I think this is better. Possibly. Anyway. Once I'm done with that, I can move on to Charles/Andrew, so we might get a little more progress. Hopefully I don't feel as uninspired tomorrow either.

And so to bed. At last. :D
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Graarg, okay, stupid internet + tireness = this is all you're getting today.

Current song: Nobody's Child - ELO
Current mood: nyeh
Word count: 22,258/50,000
Progress: Marginal.
Remarks: Tricksy time travellers are tricksy. That's all I've got so far.
Scenes to write: Squishy Andrew and Charles waking up in bed beside each other, sorting through the items that once belonged to Andrew's grandfather, and Craig doing some more breaking and entering, possibly at Chris' mansion, where Chris is a younger brother of the 5th Earl of Aylesford, the only rival to Charles in terms of power, Army and Peerage. Even if Charles won't tell me his title, rank and position in society. *headdesk* I don't think he's quite let go of the idea I had where he was a Prince, and is reluctant to let me make him anything else. *sighs* This is what I put up with, people. -_-

A cut, a cut, my livejournal for a cut )

...And that's as far as I got before tiredness and lack of inspiration took over. Will think about where this is going and finish that scene tomorrow. Not sure if they'll be all welcomed once they've said who they are, or chased off or something. IDK. We'll see. :D
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(And I was going to post this last night but LJ crapped out on me just as I was going to post it so you're getting it now. XD)

FINALLY got some NaNoing done tonight after Lateline. Had a migraine all day, which kind killed my productivity. -_-

Also, my internet is still shit and I want a new keyboard. :(

Current mood: in need of fudz and sleep kthnx
Current word count: 21,023/50,000
Chapters completed: four. Started the fifth this evening.
Progress: *sighs* I should not be in the least bit surprised this is threatening to become an epic Andrew/Charles love story, should I? XD IDK. I'm making this shit up as I go along. I have mentioned before how any planning plot-wise on my behalf tends to be utterly subverted by my muses, so I haven't bothered this year and am just writing it as it comes along.
Drink of choice: Coke
Packets of noodles eaten: 4-6.
Hours of study completed: maybe one? If I'm being generous? XD
Current time: 12:55am :D (Well, it was when I wrote this. XD)
Current favourite song: 'Veridis Quo' by Daft Punk. IDEKW.
Current state of bedroom: In need of a tidy.
Cameos: Finally sorted and in place. Obvious? Possibly.
Time spent researching UK rail networks and steam locomotive history for last night's effort: 4 hours, in between watching TV, of course.
Was it really worth it?: IDK, but I got to look at photos of some pretty old abandoned train stations. :P
Other remarks: I seemed to write Vauxhill rather a lot. Go figure.

Anyway. I could go on all night, but I'm lazy and tired so I won't. Anyway. Have some writtinz. :D And you know, the usual 'it's just a draft and needs a clean up, all typos are my own' warnings, etc.

ZOMG a cut D: )

In summary: Charles is a possessive bastard, but we all knew that anyway. XD

*goes to do some actual study for once*
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Firstly, ffs, srsly, do you know how hard it is to post anything when your internet keeps disconnecting EVERY FIVE FUCKING SECONDS? D:<

Computer raeg aside, here, have some fictions. Might have forgotten to note the chapter in the last post. I cbf checking. But this, what I'm about to post, is chapter four. Assume the last lot was chapter three or something.

And yes, this is short, and without vital stats, because I want to get this fucker posted before bed and my internet is being a cunt. So there. >:( Though Craig has a suitably messed up accent, because every now and then his voice lapses into very bad Brummie crossed with whatever else he happens to throw into the mix and speaks a million miles an hour. *sighs* Ironically, Craig's supposed to have a terrible accent here, so I don't feel too bad about it. I'm trying to prod the others into picking up on it, but no one does. Andrew certainly doesn't care. Ah well.

In other news, Laney and Darcy reappear, and have better accents than Craig. Win. xD They've decided to be West Country boys (Devon et al.). At least someone's decisive. XD I will have to write more of them though. They are beginning to sound interesting. :D

Current Word Count: 19,005/50,000 (34 percent, because I've now lost function of my percentage key as well as my exclamation mark key. *sighs*)

I'm at least nice enough to give you a cut )

And here's hoping this posts first go and doesn't screw up on me. D:
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You're getting four days in one. Because I didn't have time to post before now. So nyeh. :P

Current mood: decent
Current activity: watching Iron Chef
Current word count: 15,114/50,000
Characters: Andrew can't keep a posh English accent no matter how much I try. Craig is still being a prat seems intent on doing the whole double agent thing. Chas, Jules, Chris and Dom are no-shows at present. I have no idea if they will turn up at all or whether this will end up only being an epic Craig/Charles/Andrew lovefest (none of the three seem to be interested in changing this at present).
Plot: Well, it's going somewhere. Andrew and Craig are ganging up to spend as much time with Charles as possible. I am not surprised in the least. -_- (If they don't end up moving in with him, I'll be very surprised. I'm sure he's already thinking of a way to manage that)
Cameos: Still working on them. No one can decide exactly when during the plot they're going to turn up, so we'll see. XD
Other notes: OH. Done some more development of the magic system. All the spells are related to (ancient) Greek (which I don't know), rather than Latin (which I know better). My pronunciations may be dodgy because of that. Ah well. Oh, and we seem to have motorbikes. For some reason, that one crept up on me. XD Damn you, Andrew! XD

Anyway. Onto the fic. This be a long entry (~4.2k), just so you know. And the usual, it's just a draft, it'll probably be better after an edit, etc.

Oh hai, have some moar epic fic. :D )

So yes. I'm still pondering on rewriting/adding to the last scene with Craig and whether or not I should include a little more backstory. I might add it tomorrow or something. IDk. I probably should though.
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Mood: Tired
Cameos: None yet.
--Planned? A few.
--Obvious? Possibly.
Word Count: 10,407/50,000 (~20%)
Remarks: Pretentious Charles is pretentious. Also full of himself. This is nothing unusual. Andrew is adorable. Craig is a brat.
Scenes written: 2, and added to a third I started yesterday.
Am I randomly picking things to report on each day? Fuck yes.

Just two scenes to post today. I did work on adding more detail to a third, but it's in the chapter marked 'Pls insert somewhere at some point' and contains the scenes I'm writing out of order that I need to slot in somewhere. I know where it's going, but it's not finished and I won't post it until it's done. I am, at least, trying to post this sequentially/linearly so it makes sense.

That said, I did say writing Andrew's conversations with his radio would be epic word padding and I was right. >:D Because it took a while to get going this evening and it seemed a good way to start. Also, I'm still working on how I'm going to format it. I might put radio man's voice in italics, but I haven't decided yet. When I edit, the conversations will be cleaned up and not sound so... well, eh. They'll be better at any rate. XD

Usual disclaimers of totally first draft and any typos will be fixed later etc. I have some smut planned for later on as well, so I'll warn for that when I get around to posting that particular scene.

Adorable Andrew is Adorable and Charles displays his delusions of grandeur )
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Wordcount: 7905 :D
Morale: Decent
Characters: generally behaving
Plot: slowly emerging
Scenes: 9 complete; 1 to write
Current music: Regurgitator - I Wanna Be A Nudist
Current mood: Would liek some food. And sleep. XD

And on to today's writingz. :D Finished off the last scene I posted yesterday. Will include the whole scene for context. As usual, this is the draft word-vomited version and will probably be tidied up later on, so any mistakes will be fixed later.
I love you too, have a cut )

So yes. Craig is being a brat and enjoying every moment of it. Why am I even surprised? XD
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Word count: OVER 95000! (5092 to be precise. XD)

I wanted to get a good lot done today so I can not worry so much during the week while I complete the last few assignments I have to do. Then I can forget about that and concentrate on studying for my exams and writing the hell out of this novel. :D

Anyway. For the interested, here's the draft unedited 'this is probably not going to stay this way' lot of stuff I wrote today, including my fabulously awesome scene titles (since I'm doing this in yWriter for once. XD)

Includes prologue I probably need to lengthen, and what I have written of chapter 1. Not having much of a plan means I'll have to make chapters as I go along. That probably is a good spot to end Ch1, but we'll see.

There's a cut over here, and a cut over there )

Any typos etc will be fixed up later. XD But yes. Not bad for a day's work. :D

If you wish to tell me how good/bad/WTFy/etc it is, feel free. I'm still working on an overall style here, so it's a little more conversational in parts. So IDK. I suppose it'll turn out how it turns out, steampunk or otherwise. XD
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Title: Moonlighting
Puns: Rather a lot. And not just in the title. XD
Characters: several. Some more annoying than others. Some behaving more than others. Decided runaway princess and androgynous girl disguise as a boy are the same character. No, wait, I didn't decide that, Craig did. Fail. XD Andrew still perfectly content to mess around with his radio and build an electric guitar. Managed to talk Charles out of royalty; is still insisting on nobility of some kind, and wants to be higher than Chris, who's currently a son of the 4th Earl of Aylesford. Annoyed at Jalyn for getting annoyed at me because I keep spelling his name wrong. XD
Cut for length - there be moar updatings under here :D )
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Might as well do a list of who I've got at the moment. No pics as yet; still working on them and I've only done Charles and Andrew so far. I'll do a proper post later if/when I get around to doing the rest of them.

Umm. Bit of background regarding magic.
Magic Notes )

OH. And a note on the town divisions. [Provisional unless I get a better idea XD] Basically, after the 1791 riots, the place gets divided in two, and the Dissenters take land for themselves (and control of the canals), while the Loyalists (they weren't called that, but it will suffice - they were loyal to King and Church etc) take their own territory and control of the rail lines. In trying to intervene and fix things, King George III only allows the trains to run to the Loyalists, so to cut out the Dissenters and punish them, but not in an overly obvious way. So you have two sides, with their own armies and territory, at some sort of stand off. Neither wants to give in, and both try and rebuild in an attempt to outdo each other.

Anyway. Character list as at 15th October 2009.
Have a cut, because I care )



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Doing steampunk this year. Because apparently I suck at resisting a challenge. XD Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] bewarethespork, much appreciated. :P

It'll be fanfic again. The Chaser, because that was what Jay suggested. XD

So, er, lemme present preliminary notes/synopsis/research so far. Subject to change as I keep looking into this, so yeah. This ain't set in stone. :P

Title: Moonlighting (It's a pun. Or three. Don't look so surprised. XD)
Genre: Steampunk...ish. XD
Setting: AU!Birmingham, UK; also AU!London, UK
Year/s: 1765-1813 (possibly, if I use flashbacks); 1822 (main narrative)
Fandom/s: The Chaser RPS AU
Cast: (so far)
- Andrew Hansen (MC - grandson of Cassius Albion)
- Charles Firth (local war lord/leader/keeper of the peace; old friend of Andrew's)
- cameos from Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood and Bev Bevan  as scavengers/pirates (first people Andrew meets when he returns)(And this is only here because of watching tiny!Jeff in a pirate hat and eye patch performing in ~1971 and it amused me too much not to include it somehow. XD)(He was bouncing around! It was adorable. XD)
- Julian Morrow and Chas Licciardello (soldiers in the Loyal Birmingham Volunteers Corp, founded in 1802 by Charles' father and used to by Charles when he takes over his late father's estate to keep the peace during the crisis)(Yes, this allows for epic adventures, dammit. XD)
- Dominic Knight (general dogsbody and Charles' manservant)
- and probably others if needed. We'll see how we go.
Cut for moar notes of epic length. D: )


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