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Title: Jeff Takes His Bow
Author: Sashataakheru
Fandom: The Move RPS/Electric Light Orchestra RPS
Starring: Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan, Hugh McDowell, Rick Price
Pairings: Jeff/Roy, Jeff/Bev, Jeff/Hugh, Jeff/Rick
Word Count: 500
Prompt: Sex toys (non-penetrating) for kink_bingo (my card)
Contains: sexual abuse of a good violin bow and a cello bow, BDSM, restraints, nipple play, caning, masturbation, breathplay, cocksucking, sensation play
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: Not true in any way, shape or form.
Author’s Notes: ...I have actually written Bev as a cisboy for once. o.o
Summary: Five drabbles involving Jeff being porny with a violin bow, and a cello bow. Because someone was having too much fun with this. -_- Set at various points in the early 1970s.

Jeff Takes His Bow
Of course the thought had never crossed his mind. He wasn't... like that. But Jeff - oh, he was an entirely different person. Yes. Roy was well-aware of that as Jeff drew the violin bow across his bare shoulder. The sensation made him shiver.

Jeff gathered his hair away from his neck. "See, it doesn't take me long to learn a new instrument, does it?"

Roy bit his lip as the bow was drawn across his stomach, back and forth, just light enough to feel. Jeff's other hand was snaking down his body, fingering his cock in time with his strokes.

Bev struggled against his restraints as he gazed down at Jeff, who was kneeling between his legs. He drew the bow across his skin, ever so gently, before slapping his thigh with the stick, causing him to flinch.

Jeff moved up his body as he began tapping his nipples with the tip of the bow. Bev arched against him as he bit down on each of his nipples, flicking his tongue over them. When he bit down a bit harder, the pain went straight to Bev's cock. Meeting his gaze, Jeff pressed the bow against his throat and kissed him.

Jeff yanked on the chain and Hugh straightened. His cello lay on its side by the wall. Thankfully, the studio was empty.

"Gimme yer bow," Jeff murmured against his neck as he brushed his hair away.

Hugh obediently handed it over. Jeff swished it through the air a couple of times before bringing it down against his thigh.

"One," Hugh counted.

"Good. I like it when you keep time," Jeff said before hitting his other thigh with the stick.


Jeff moved in front of him, pulling the chain to bring him close. "You're mine."

Hugh closed his eyes. "Three."

"Woody says you're pretty handy with a bow. Care to demonstrate?"

Jeff looked up in surprise as Rick set an innocuous looking bow on the table before him. He picked it up and ran a finger along its length. "You'd better come back to mine then."

Back at Jeff's, he lounged back on the sofa while Rick sucked him off. Jeff pulled his hair out of the way before drawing the strings of the bow gently across his neck. Rick clawed at his thigh; Jeff hissed.

"So what else has Woody been saying about me then?"

Rick could barely concentrate.

Jeff was never sure when he'd developed this particular kink. The cool wood of the bow touched his skin ever so gently as he traced out swirling patterns with the tip. It was another skill he wished to master, to control, and he was always experimenting.

This time, he held his cock gently as he drew the strings across the tip. The pressure was so gentle, so hesitant, but the effect was magnificent. He shivered; his cock hardened.

He repeated the action, his fingers closing around his cock as he bowed. His body quivered, muscles contracting, as he came hard.
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