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Title: Whisper In The Night
Author: Sashataakheru
Fandom: The Chaser RPS
Starring: Andrew Hansen, and a few OCs
Pairings: (imagined) Julian Morrow/Craig Reucassel; Andrew Hansen/?, implied Andrew/Charles and Andrew/Craig
Word Count: 1,749
Prompt: Breathplay for kink_bingo (my card)
Contains: voyeurism, strangulation, breathplay, peep shows
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: Not true in any way, shape or form.
Author’s Notes: This prompt was always going to be voyeur!Andrew, and once this idea had appeared in my head, there was no going back. The club is inspired by one I read about in an article somewhere, but I've long since lost that article so I can't even give you a proper reference. Fail. XD
Summary: voyeur!Andrew Hansen is hiding in a small booth watching a peep show, watching a bear strangling a twink as they're fucking and he begins imagining himself being strangled. And as he's wanking, a pair of hands do slip around his neck and begin squeezing tight...

Whisper In The Night
The music thundered out into the street, the deep bass notes pulsating like a heartbeat into the cold night air. Andrew pulled his jacket closer around him as he approached the club. He didn't often make a habit of coming here, but he'd been stuck inside for the past week and a half and he was going a little stir-crazy. He should've liked to go out with Charles, but he was away, leaving Andrew to make his own fun. Hence, he was making a visit to a rather seedy sex club Chris had first taken him to. It was marginally better than being in a noisy bar with music that made his ears ring, and at least he could use it against Charles when he got back as a reason to stay home.

As he descended the staircase into the lobby, he was greeted by a couple of blondes in skimpy silken outfits. They took his coat from him in a most pleasant way and Andrew took a moment to exchange his notes for coins. It made the club seem so very adorably old-fashioned, that it still used coins for their peep shows, and Andrew had to admit it was part of its charm.

One of the girls pressed close to him while the other whispered her name to him, she was called Valerie, and asked what he was interested in seeing as she stroked a hand down his chest. Andrew was not averse to this sort of attention at all and, all things considered, if he had met Valerie anywhere but a sex club, he might have asked her out. She had the sort of hair he really liked, all long and brown and wavy, just sitting on her bare shoulders in a rather enticing manner.

"You got any gay shows tonight? Not that I don't appreciate your company, mind," Andrew said, almost catching Valerie in a kiss, but deciding against it at the last minute. There were certain protocols to be upheld, after all.

"Got a few, like always. We get all sorts in here these days. Allow me," Valerie said.

She took his hand and led him down into the long corridor of where most of the peep shows were. It looked almost innocuous as he looked at the dark red walls, the minimal decoration on each of the booth doors, and the rich red carpet below their feet. Andrew thought it didn't look quite as tacky as he remembered it being. They stopped outside one of the booths and Valerie opened the door for him. It creaked as it opened, dragging along a well-worn path in the carpet.

"See what you think of that. I reckon that might be up your alley," she said, gesturing him inside.

Andrew slipped inside and over to the peephole, a small window cut into the wall that didn't quite show as much as you hoped, which was why it worked so well. Andrew slipped some coins into the slot and the window opened. Inside, Andrew could see a scrawny twink with dusty brown hair and a larger bear who strangely resembled Julian if he looked at him a certain way.

"Yes, yes, this will do. I'll - I'll be fine," Andrew said, distracted, as he waved the girl away. He didn't see her smirk as she shut the door behind her as she left.

Andrew thought it quite obnoxiously addictive, peeping through these little holes to watch other people having sex. The two of them were in a white room, lying on an old-fashioned bed with brass bedheads. The twink was being pinned to the bed as the bear leaned over him, attacking his neck with bites and kisses. It was the sort of scenario Andrew loved, even if he never quite managed to decide if he preferred being the one in charge, or the one being submissive.

The twink was playing his part superbly. He didn't look like he was as tall as Craig, but he was just as slender, and he writhed elegantly underneath his partner's movements. The bear's hands closed around his wrists, pinning him down hard as he sucked on his chest. Andrew could see the bite marks left behind, and he had to stop himself getting too excited. He had only just arrived, after all.

Andrew took in everything. The bear was in leather, black and slick, and it was tight and revealing. The twink was wearing even less, a little pair of black pants that doubled as a cockcage, and Andrew wanted to grind against him, making him so hard he could barely keep control. He had done that to Charles and Craig before, separately, and it was immensely fun to see them squirming as Andrew controlled their arousal so strictly. He was still quite pleased that he had managed to reduce both to frustrated tears before he let them come.

He only looked away to shift the chair over into a slightly more comfortable position so that he could watch them and wank away in a relatively comfortable position. He sometimes felt somewhat embarrassed for doing so in these little booths, even though it was permitted, but there was always a part of his brain that reminded him he got off on that sense of embarrassment as well. Shit, he had a lot of weird kinks when he thought about it.

He nearly didn't believe it when he saw that twink being strangled as they fucked. It was too much of a coincidence, surely, that they knew that part of his fantasy as well. But no, it was real. Andrew just felt a surge of arousal through his body. His mind brought forward those sketchy memories of the time he'd watched Julian strangling Craig, and the way Craig's face had become pale and beautiful as he fainted. He was hiding inside a wardrobe, unsure if they knew he was there. It was brutal and rough and kind and sensual and Andrew loved every minute of it.

The bear's passing resemblance to Julian just fed his fantasies as he imagined Craig being strangled again. He could see his fringe sticking out at strange angles, the sweat beading on his forehead, the careful attention Julian paid to him as he wrung the breath from his lungs. Even those fingers around the twink's neck were exquisite, and Andrew could see how much control they had. There was no sense of panic, just expert control. Andrew traced the line of his arms and over to his shoulders and wondered what it might feel like to have him strangle him, just as he'd thought about what it would be like for Julian to strangle him that night in the wardrobe.

Andrew inhaled sharply as he caught sight of the twink's face as he began to lost consciousness, so pale and lifeless like Craig's. It was a breathtaking sight, so beautifully erotic. Andrew wanted to kiss his lips, caress his face, brush the hair out of his eyes...

Before he could react, a pair of hands slipped around his own neck, squeezing gently. Not trying to kill him, trying to arouse him as they restricted his breathing. Andrew froze in shock. A voice whispered in his ear.

"Shhh, don't panic. I'm not going to knock you out, just restrict you a little. You like being restricted, don't you? That's why you like being bound," the voice said, though it was too soft for Andrew to identify who it might be.

Leaning against the back of the chair, Andrew watched the twink being strangled as he himself was strangled. The voice was right. It was arousing, far more arousing than he'd anticipated. He worked his cock with as much energy as he could muster, not used to having so little breath available to him. His skin became hyper-sensitive, and even the lightest touch caused his cock to swell.

That whispering voice caressed his mind, whispering encouragement and keeping him calm. Andrew still couldn't work out who it belonged to, though every now and then he could've sworn he felt something that might've been a beard brush against his ear. It made him shiver.

 He was beginning to feel light-headed. He was still stroking himself, though his timing was beginning to go, and his heartbeat was loud in his ears. He could barely keep his eyes on the pair through the little window as pinpricks of light danced into his vision as he could feel his orgasm coming on rapidly.

Those hands squeezed a little harder as Andrew came before they let him go and disappeared completely. There was an intense heat and pleasure blazing through him, and his mind was utterly devoid of thought. He had never come so hard in his life.

He slumped back against the chair, his jeans around his ankles, as he inhaled deeply, filling his aching lungs with air again. He turned towards the door to see if he could get a glimpse of who had been in there with him, but he saw no one. He didn't even hear the door creak. His head was spinning and his throat was sore, but he was, on the whole, utterly content.

"Who are you?" he breathed, wondering if he'd get a reply.

"Ahh, now that would be tellin', wouldn't it? I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise," the voice answered, and Andrew thought he heard an English accent this time.

He sat up and looked around the room again, but saw no one. It appeared he was completely alone. He slumped back into the chair, closing his eyes as he thought about what had just happened. Had he imagined it all? Surely not. His throat felt too painful for it to have just been a dream. And yet...

He lay back in the chair, letting the warmth spread over his body. He was possibly far too exhausted to stay much longer. He closed his eyes, holding onto the sensation of being strangled. He touched a hand to his neck, remembering where those hands had been. He wondered if there might be bruises there. He almost wanted to get off again, but he knew he was spent.

When he met Valerie later after finally emerging from the booth, he grinned and thanked her for her most excellent choice, promising to return again. She waved him goodbye and Andrew headed home. He fell into bed, making a note to investigate breathplay for later on before he fell asleep.
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